Joseph P. McClelland, LLC Quotes In Articles

Joseph P. McClelland, LLC Quotes In Articles

Consumer attorney Joseph P. McClelland spreads his knowledge to help reporters write articles. Here are some recent examples.

Joseph Powell Mcclelland

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Your favorite courtroom drama might be hugely entertaining from the opening scene to the end credits — but how realistic is it? Let’s face it. Hollywood often neglects accuracy in favor of excitement and tension. Any attorney will tell you that while appearing in court might have thrilling moments, they’re

Marketing Budget Chart: Is budget size the real challenge? Or is it how you allocate your budget?

When we surveyed marketers about their top challenges, we heard a consistent refrain. Budgets were among the top challenges. Year after year. For all different types of marketers. But this (perhaps) provocative article shows that marketing number in context of the business as a whole. Hopefully, you find this data reassuring and it raises the next question in you: Is the size of my budget the real challenge? And if not, how do I get the best results from my marketing budget? (We cover in this in today’s article as well.) Read on for data from Spendesk based on 800,000 business transactions from various European companies.

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